How To Know You Are In A Karmic Relationship That Truly Matters

Five Ways in Which Karmic Relationships Might Show Up in Your Life

  1. Our family of origin is frequently where we first learn Karmic lessons. Some of these wounds or beliefs have lingered for generations.
  2. Most of us have one or two Karmic relationships in our life that came about because of exceptionally unusual events. A miracle was involved. Often, this can be found in adopted children, work, or a romantic partner.
  3. Some Karmic relationships are nothing more than the wound we need to heal. These are usually very controlling and often codependent.
  4. Karma also delivers beautiful and even rare stories of uncomplicated love. Almost instantly you feel a Karmic connection. You have been here before, many times. Words cannot express the gift of these relationships.
  5. Some Karmic relationships are the catalyst for spiritual transformation. The relationship brings you to a point of awareness that was hidden in a lesson.

Should You End a Karmic Relationship?

If You Find Yourself in Karmic Relationships Fraught with Control Issues, Ask Yourself What the Life Lesson Here Is.

  • Why am I staying in the pain?
  • Who am I controlling?
  • Who is controlling me?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • How will my life look if I stop engaging with the karmic wound?
  • Am I ready to heal?



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